STX Pellet Liner B FX
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Original FX STX Pellet Liner B to be used as a replacement for the original liner in your FX airrifle. These Pellet Liners B are specially designed for the heavier JSB and H&N pellets

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STX Pellet Liner B FX 

This FX STX Pellet Liner B  is designed as a replacement for the original FX liner and is specially developed for the use of heavier pellets with bigger headsize, like the JSB and H&N pellets.
They are developed with the pellets below, but they will also work well with other brands with similair specs like the one below in caliber, weight and size:


5.5 mm (.22)
JSB Exact Jumbo Monster Redesigned 25.39 grain
H&N Barracuda

6.35 mm (.25)
JSB Exact King Heavy MKI and MKII 33.95 grain

The FX STX Pellet Liner B is suitable for the following FX air rifles:

500 mm

  • FX Crown in all calibers
  • FX Impact 4.5 mm and 5.5 mm Telescopic shroud
  • FX Dreamline 4.5 mm and 5.5 mm

600 mm

  • FX Impact 5.5 mm, 6.35 mm and 7.62 mm Fixed shroud
  • Dreamline 6.35 mm and 7.62 mm

700 mm

  • Solely for FX Impact 6.35 and 7.62 mm Sniper barrels

Due to the huge demand of the FX Liners we do not always get the amount of liners as we have ordered. If the model you need is mentioned in stock we can sent them out directly.  All other items are continiously in order and these  items we ship out in order of receipt a.s.a.p.



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