Our regulators can been sent worldwide.
We always use signed, tracked sending services with our very best national postal servce who work together with all big local courriers.

When your order requiers a custom form, we always describe the regulators as "Pneumatic parts" so there won't be any associations with airrifles.

In the sheet below you can see the approximate time of delivery of your order;


Beside the normal transit time, your goverments customs services have the right to investigate shipments. These circumstances are beyond our control and can cause delay.
If there is no movement in the supplied track and trace code for at least 4 weeks we can start an investigation of the shipment. I there is no movement in the trace for 8 weeks we consider the parcel to be lost and Huma-Air will contact you for a replacement shipment.
A delayed shipment is not a reason for a refund.

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