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Several Models Replacement Plenums For Your Huma Regulator

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This is a replacement plenum only, when you want to replace or upgrade you excisting Huma regulator.

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When you order this item in combination with a regulator there are no sending costs involved.
When you order spareparts only, we use standard untracked shipping to reduce costs.
If you prefer tracked shipping, you can choose "tracked shipping for spareparts"  in the option field in the shopping basket.


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Donny Sellars -

As with all of the Huma products, the plenum fit and finish is perfect. In my case I used two plenums stacked with an adapter to get a larger effective plenum for a higher power tune. The regulators from Huma are always top notch too. Huma is the only regulator/parts I recommend. Great products, and more importantly, great service and communication!

Gary -

Excellent replacement plenum for my Huma regulated Leshiy which makes it into a HFT rifle. It is still adjustable to about 16ftlbs but if I wanted more, I would just replace the new plenum with the old one.

Many thanks!

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