Brexit and UK shipments
 Do you ship worldwide?
 How long does it take before my item is shipped?
 Do you supply a track and trace number when the parcel is sent?
 I haven't received a track and trace code
 The track and trace page shows: "In-Transit"
 The track and trace page shows: "Error Notification : Not Sent"
 How long does it take before my parcel arrives
 What postal service do we use?
 What documents are being sent with the parcel?
 Can you ship to PO boxes or APO boxes
 My parcel has been damaged
Tracking your sent items
 My parcel was packed or sent, but I haven't received a trace code yet
 Were can i track my sent items?
 My track data is not updated
 I haven't received my parcel yet
 There is no track data available even after 4 weeks
General questions about regulators
 Can i use a higher fill pressure when a regulator is fitted to my rifle?
 What regulator set pressure setting do i need?
 How many fps do i get when a regulator is fitted?
 I want to shoot extra heavy pellets in my rifle, what regulator would i choose?
 What is a regulator "plenum"
 Are all regulator plenums the same size?
 How many shots can i expect of my regulated rifle
 Can I adjust the regulator set pressure myself
 What is ment by the imbedding of a regulator
 How do i fit a regulator on my rifle
 Can I fill “upstream” trough the regulator
 Is the 12 ft/lbs (Low Pressure) and the FAC (High Pressure) regulator the same, only set differently?
 How do I read the regulator set pressure
 My pelletspeed climbs up at the end of the shotstring
 After a period of not using the rifle, the first shot has a higher or lower pellet velocity
 My shotstring shows big fluctuations in pellet speed
 My regulator set pressure creeps up
 My rifle leaks air after fitting the regulator
 How do i rebuild or maintain my regulator
Return Policy
 Do you have a return policy?
 How can i apply for a return or refund?
Other questions
 My question is not listed here above