Wika mini pressure gauge + Cover for FX Maverick regulator pressure
Wika black 28 mm regulator pressure gauge upgrade set 250 bar for Fx Maverick with optional black cover
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This high quality, original Wika black 28 mm pressure gauge with wide 250 bar scale, can be used as a upgrade for the FX Maverick regulator pressure gauge. Black tactical cover can be chosen as option

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Wika mini pressure gauge, 28 mm diameter and wide black 250 bar scale for the FX Maverick regulator pressure


This original, high quality, 28 mm Wika mini pressure gauge with black dial plate, was the model for the cheaper copy of the FX Impact pressure gauge
This model can be used as an high quality upgrade for the FX Maverick regulator pressure gauge.
Wika gauges are world wide famous for their quality and accuracy and are even used in precision medical equipment. It has a solid brass housing and a wide dial scale. 

For this 28 mm Wika pressure gauge we have an optional black tactical cover cap available to create the same look as the new model FX Impact MKII pressure gauge on your Maverick

We do not advice to use this gauge as fill pressure gauge on the Maverick, because it does not screw in deep enough in the treads.

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Chris Walton - 06-06-2021 14:38

Purchased to upgrade my stock FX Maverick Gauges and I can trurly say they are worthy of the word UPGRADE! Bigger so easier to read with more accurate and detailed measurements as appose to the stock gauge which is just to general. I opted for the black tactical cover which apart from adding a little chunk, blends the manometer nicely with the rest of the gun. Quality product and worth ever penny, or dollar, euro, etc.

patrick wantia - 04-06-2021 15:33


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