Wika 28 mm fill pressure gauge upgrade set for Fx Impact with optional black cover
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This high quality, original Wika 28 mm gauge with wide 250 bar scale, as an upgrade for the FX Impact fill pressure gauge. Suitable for MKI and MKII. Black tactical cover as option.

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Wika mini pressure gauge, 28 mm diameter and wide 250 bar scale for the FX Impact


This original, high quality, 28 mm Wika mini pressure gauge, was the model for the cheaper copy of the FX Impact pressure gauge currently used on their brand new 2019 MKII rifles to indicate the fill pressure.
It can be used as an upgrade or a one on one replacement gauge for the FX Impact MKI and MKII gauge mounted at the side of the action. The gauge even fits the black MKII cover sleave.
Wika gauges are world wide famous for their quality and accuracy and are even used in precision medical equipment. It has a solid brass housing and a wide dial scale. 
The gauge comes with an o-ring what can replace the plastic washer what is under the factory pressure gauge. Due to this o-ring there is enough movement to line up the gauge perfectly in eye position.

For this 28 mm Wika pressure gauge we have an optional black tactical cover cap available to create the same look as the new model FX Impact MKII

For the indication of the regulator output pressure of your FX Impact we have the 23 mm pressure gauge. and the 23 mm black tactical covers also available. 



This is an universal pressure gauge what can be used on several airguns. Never exceed the factory advised fill pressure of your rifle.

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George - 06-02-2021 20:57

Great company to do business with . Excellent products at reasonable pricing . Seems to be more accurate than stock . Can't wait to see how they are after some time . Looking forward to doing business with this company again .

Ray - 21-12-2020 09:45

Before the rifle is out the box I fit these.... no comparison, regularly find the FX gauges to be more than 10 barg inaccurate both above and below the actual pressures.

Ambrose Moseley - 17-11-2020 13:03

Very accurate it works and dose its job. Would I buy another yes...

Handel - 10-11-2020 13:56

very accurate gauge, highly recommended to replace a factory FX gauge. cheers

david toth - 01-09-2020 05:58

the gauge works great and appears to be accurate on my fx impact. far better than the original gauge

Ljupco Macedonia - 22-06-2020 09:14


Ljupco Macedonia - 22-06-2020 09:14


Carlos - 19-06-2020 16:56

These are the best guages on the market. Very accurate and I'm very pleased with them.

Joseph A. Domingo - 02-06-2020 21:43

Great piece of work! Very accurate.
Best regards,

Ed Montague - 31-05-2020 15:21

Great product. Easy to change over and finally a gauge that's accurate. Shipping was super fast, less than a week to the US, was shocked when they showed up so fast. Thanks for the great service.

Regards, Ed

David - 26-05-2020 17:25

Huma I must say are one of the best companies I have dealt with, every thing was smooth and went well. Delivery was super fast. Products I had were super quantity.
I had two Wika 28mm gauges and covers for my mk11 FX impact
Thank you very much,

Gabor - 16-05-2020 23:07

Looks good, accurate, better than the factory one.

Paul - 14-05-2020 10:34

Excellent bit of kit.

Nuno - 22-04-2020 23:14

good upgrade gauges.
used on impact mkII.

MarkLondon - 07-04-2020 06:03

Wow! These gauges are beautiful...They look even better when you open the box as opposed to seeing them on the website...They are clear and precise!
I put them on my FX Impact .30cal gun. My FX regulator read 15 Bar higher than the new Huma-Air regulator and my FX pressure gauge read 45 Bar higher than my new and improved, more accurate Huma-Air gauges... They work as promised and look really nice, and are so easy peasy to change out!
The only thing I would have liked to see different is a 250 Bar printed on the gauge instead of a longer line that indicates 250 Bar. Other than that I would definitely buy these gauges again...
They are a great bit of kit!
Cheers, Mark

Husam - 01-04-2020 09:35

Better than original. Consistent and accurate.

Tom - 28-03-2020 19:16

Fantastic unpgrade!

Hyung - 28-03-2020 05:14

Another awesome product. Bought 2 for impact mk2 and fits perfectly. Reading on gauge is spot on and no need to guess. Thank you again huma for another great product. Will be shopping for more parts soon

Mauro - 09-03-2020 14:00

Good product, 28mm pressure gauge for FX Impact MKII, good seller!

Tim - 19-02-2020 15:30

Fantastic and accurate

Scott - 23-12-2019 20:03

Fast delivery. Very happy with this as I’m very impatient. High quality good from Huma every time

S Schuts - 16-12-2019 22:14

Very nice and very reliable. Good uprade this gauge

Teguh Asmi - 08-12-2019 12:19


Steven Wigmore - 17-10-2019 01:26

I bought the wika gauges for my fx impact mk 2 the fx ones are based around the wika but the quality and accuracy is not the same if you want true accuracy buy the wika gauges from HUMA fast delivery

John - 08-10-2019 18:14

Much improved over stock inaccurate fx gauges

Tony Churchill - 10-09-2019 15:47

Excellent replacement gauge for fx impact x and excellent service

IOANNIS POLYZOIS - 27-07-2019 09:54

This little manometer is the absolute upgrade versus all other no name factory installed gauges(even if they have a name on them).
Robust,accurate,reliable, ideal for regulated pressure reading, when tuning a precise weapon...(if you have the extra space needed)
Wika is the name for serious air game!

Cobos - 05-07-2019 14:47

My FX Impact X 700mm gauges were way off .... excellent quality built with Huma

Dennis Oosthuizen - 27-06-2019 05:28

Very accurate and reliable, a perfect and necessary upgrade for a FX Impact. Easy and clear to read the gauge. Very good quality.

Phibes - 16-06-2019 00:24

Excellent quality very accurate

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