After the introduction of the Huma BSA regulator we received a lot of positive feedback, not only
about the performance of the regulator but also because of the ease of DIY fitting, without having to
modify the air cylinder. This means that just about anybody could fit a regulator to their rifle without
the need to have them professionally fitted.

We used our Huma BSA regulator design and with a number of modifications we were able to
adapt the original Huma regulator to suit the Air Arms S200 rifles and the CZ 200 rifles with quickfill.
The regulator internals are exactly the same as the internals in our proven Huma regulator series.

Now it is possible to unscrew the brass firing valve body from the end of your air cylinder, screw the
regulator onto the firing valve body, screw the air cylinder onto the regulator and you are ready*!
* you will need to adjust your power depending on the laws of your country and the pellet speed
you would like to shoot at. The fitting instructions show how to do this.

So a total flat shotstring over a one pressure fill with up to 90 shots on one fill, no more compensation on the HFT lane!

The benefits of this regulator over other regulators currently on the market:
The regulator housing is made of extremely tough 42Cr steel,
Tested to a working pressure of at least 3x the working pressure of the rifle, for everyone’s safety,
It uses a long stroke piston that gives great consistency,
Because the regulator body fits between tube and valve you will get 45 mm extra air volume,
The regulator body and the housing are one piece, so no chance of the regulator moving inside the
cylinder or regulator housing,
The one piece body and regulator housing also reduces the possibility of leaks,
The regulator piston is captive and does not need any adjustment or extra work to keep it in place,
There is no need to drill your air cylinder,
There is no need to hone/polish the inside of your air cylinder,
DIY fitting is a real option for the most people,
The regulator pressure is user adjustable,
High quality bluing.
Due to his length this regulator has a restricted air volume, so this makes it specially suited for the
12 ft/lbs – 16 Joule versions. The maximum power with the regulator fitted is around 20 ft/lbs – 30 Joule in a .22/5.5mm calibre, lower in a .177/4.5mm calibre.

This regulator is only suitable for rifles with a quickfill at the end of the air cylinder.
You can find our basic foster quickfills here.
If you would like to fit it to a rifle with a pressure gauge you could replace
the standard gauge with a luxeurey XTX Air pressure gauge with quick fill.